Project Direction

There are many areas of the CFS_Manager project that are in need of development. If you’d like to tackle one of these areas, go ahead and make a pull request. If you’d like to add to this list, you can open an issue on GitHub. You can also contact Alison directly with any feedback or suggestions.

General contribution guidelines can be found here.

Open Issues


  • Inability to store files of the same name
  • Autocomplete occasionally returns names that are missing their first letter(s)

Performance Drains

  • Cloud systems must be accessed sequentially
  • Zipping files is slow. (According to cProfile, the slowest part of the package that isn’t network-access.)



  • Writing/editing documentation
  • Writing new unit tests (please help!)
  • Integrating more storage providers
  • Test on new operating systems

Near-term Enhancements

  • Open cloud files on local machine
  • Migrating to a database using SQLAlchemy
  • Migrating to standard Python CLI libraries (eg, argparse)
  • When multiple files share a name, return list for user confirmation
  • Allow users to choose storage order
  • Make files that are dropped into a CFS_Manager folder managable

Medium-term Enhancements

  • Allow file encryption
  • Create architecture for plugins
  • Enable users to sign up for new storage providers
  • Enable multi-user shared folder access

Stretch Goals

  • Have network connections to each cloud run as concurrent processes
  • Programmatically determine the best deal on buying extra storage
  • Create a GUI for file management
  • Make the cloud filesystem locally mountable